The Evolution of the Feinrohren Group

Feinrohren is today the world leading copper tube and capillary tube manufacturer, in term of produced meters, thanks to an aimed conductive policy towards the production of first grade quality products capable of remaining continuously innovated and in line with the constant research of performance improvement, with the highest reliability that the end user needs for living in an environmental world always poorer of resources.

In 1959 Faustino Pasotti, inspired by a friend producer of domestic refrigerators and helped by his own sons, established in Lumezzane, a prosperous industrial district specialized in metals working, a small department for the production of copper capillaries for refrigerators: the birth of Feinrohren.

Through a continuous profit renovation policy, the small drawing department became, in two decades, the first copper capillary drawing mill in the world, strong of its major world global Customers in the white, electrical household appliances, industry.

To complete the range of products over 5 mm outside diameter and to answer to the multinational company’s requests, in 1990 Feinrohren decided the realization of an ultra modern production plant in the industrial site of Passirano. Here are used the best technologies in the copper tube production, assisted by decades of matured experience in the copper capillary sector.

After only few decades of life Feinrohren Passirano placed itself as a European referring point in terms of productivity per single production plant.

In 1996 the coated copper tube is added into Feinrohren production program, through the acquisition of Zetaesse, a company located in Vedelago (Treviso), leader in Europe in the plastic coated copper tube production and present today in all European countries thanks to the extremely high quality of its products and to the large production program which includes also the cross-linked polyethylene foam for constructions, automotive, clothing, footwear, shipbuilding and more applications.

Strong of its own financial soundness and following its own vocation for the technologic renewal, in 2010 Feinrohren, achieves a new cast & roll plant. This important investment allows the Group to verticalize its own production, besides making Feinrohren the most technologically advanced company in the European market.

Feinrohren in 2013 invested in the green economy, installing a photovoltaic system of 1000 kwp.

Looking for the perfect service: in 2011 Feinrohren acquires TONOLI srl, a 20 years leader in international distribution of copper tubes and capillaries for refrigeration, air-conditioning and medical gases; only one year later, in 2012, Feinrohren Group acquires SOGETUB, leader in the French market for the distribution of copper tubes, copper capillaries and many other accessories for refrigeration, air-conditioning, gas, heating and plumbing. The internationalization of Feinrohren Group continues with the birth, in 2014, of Ptubes, distributor for American market with two operating sites in the USA.