Every worldwide customer must have the possibility to choose Feinrohren

That’s our spirit that feeds us, to achieve our targets. Every copper tubing user must be able to choose Feinrohren brand. It doesn’t matter where and which kind of market; we want to be there. That’s why, every day, we are willing to give our products in any world country.


Never being satisfied, always run to be the fastest and the most flexible

Customer satisfaction is our goal. Despite Feinrohren became one of the most important worldwide copper tubing producer in terms of meters, we didn’t forget our origins and our mission which is to put our effort, day by day, in order to give to all of our customers a better service. So we “run” for: satisfying our customers, improving our flexibility, we run because we never feel satisfied. We run in order to be the fastest but above all because it is in our DNA.