Copper tube Cu-DHP MedicalFein
Copper tube Cu-DHP MedicalFein

Standard: EN 13348.

Form: Annealed copper tube Cu-DHP in coils of 50 m. and straight lengths of 5 m, marked CE 0546.

Description: The Copper Tube Cu-DHP MedicalFein, in accordance with the standard 93/42/CEE, is classified as a medical device CLASS IIA, suitable for medical gas system, gas mixture, air system and vacuum systems as well as anesthetic evacuation gases in accordance with the corresponding standards.
Every lot comes with a certificate that corresponds to ref. 3.1 of the standard EN 10204 certifying the conformity to the requirement provided by the standard EN 13348.
Since the standard EN 13348 is in accordance with the rule Ped, the Copper Tube Cu-DHP MedicalFein applies consequently to it as well.
The internal surface of the Copper Tube Cu-DHP MedicalFein, which is basically free from carbon residue, guarantees against corrosion phenomena.


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