Copper Tube and Pe-X HydroSAN

A NEW DOUBLE SAFETY PIPE IS RISING. A union between copper and pe-x pipes.
Why should you choose Copper Tube Hydrosan?
It’s a new double pipe, tightly bonding, by an adhesive membrane, a copper tube of reduced thickness and a high density cross-linked polyethylene pipe.
Pitting corrosion and eddy currents consequences are definitely removed thanks to a pipe which combines two distinct pipes performances.

Absolute hygiene forever 
Copper is completely non-toxic and suitable for the transportation of foodstuffs. Moreover it efficiently combats possible formations of mould, algae and, above all, bacteria. Laboratory tests performed on cultures of E. Coli and Legionella pneumophila (responsible for health serious troubles) demonstrate that copper eliminates practically 100% of the vitality of pathogenic bacteria in a few hours!

Elevated resistance to pressure
The max. operating pressure applicable for copper pipe is by far greater – for the same size and thickness ¨C than that applicable to any plastic pipe whatever.

Minimum dilation Maximum stability 
The dilation of copper pipes (¦Á = 0,016 mm/m °C) is un-influent if compared with that of plastic pipes (a = 0,090-0,175 mm/m °C). Copper pipes dilate approx. 1/10 with respect to PE-X pipes (a = 0,175 mm/m°C) and do not cause the phenomenon of cracking.

Total absence of corrosion 
Pe-x pipes resist corrosion independently of the water quality and tolerate chemical substances with pH values between 1 and 14.

Total absence of eddy currents 
Practically speaking, plastic pipes do not conduct electricity at all. Thus the phenomenon of eddy currents cannot occur.

Lightness – easy handiness 
The specific weight of PE-X is about 1/10 of that of copper.
Therefore, PE-X pipes are easier to transport and to use.

A high density cross-linked polyethylene pipe (PE-X) which uniformly and firmly sheathes the copper pipe, enhancing its performance.
Shock-proof, resistant to abrasions, acids and high temperatures, it is non-toxic and suitable for the transport of drinking water.

A special polyethylene membrane (international patent) which allows the copper pipe to be tenaciously joined to the PE-X pipe, eliminating the problem of heat expansion. It is absolutely odourless and non-toxic; it has no harmful effect whatever on drinking water, even in the case of prolonged contact.

Cu DHP (Cu=99,90% min. P=0,015-0,040%), complying with the UNI EN 1412.
Content of residual carbon <0,05 mg/dm2 (the UNI EN 1057 provides for a content of residual carbon < 0,20 mg/dm2 )


To join Copper Tube Hydrosan you can use the press and screw fittings with dual O-rings commonly offered by the market.
Copper Tube Hydrosan have, in fact, the same dimensions as multilayer pipes.
That allows a quick and easy installation, as well as the use of the same fittings, accessories and tools normally employed with multi-layer pipes (press fittings, screw fittings, press machine with F and TH profile) pipe cutter, flash knife, etc.
The advantages of Copper Tube Hydrosan also continue when we are speaking about installation. The internal copper pipe makes it possible to obtain precise curves and avoid the risk that the pipe ¡°remembers¡± to go back to its original shape. The outer pipe in PE-X allows softer bending than a normal copper pipe.

Floor heating system
Hydro-sanitary system
Geothermal system
Radiators heating system


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