Quality and

In terms of metres produced, Feinrohren is now a leading global company in the industry.
This is due to a company policy that has always focused on creating products characterised by premium quality, reliability and innovation, which are essential features in a world where resources are becoming increasingly scarce.

In 1959 Faustino Pasotti was inspired by a friend who manufactured refrigerators and with the help of his children set up a small business producing capillary tubes for refrigerators in Lumezzane, a flourishing industrial district specialising in metalworking - Feinrohren was established.

Through an ongoing profit reinvestment policy, over the course of two decades the small metal drawing business became one of the world’s leading capillary tube drawing mills, with customers including major players in the household appliance industry.

Expansion and

In 1996 Feinrohren added coated copper tubes to its product range with the takeover of Zetaesse, a company based in Vedelago (Treviso) and a leader in Europe in the manufacture of coated copper tubes. This company had become internationally significant, mainly thanks to the range and quality of the products, which included cross-linked polyethylene foam for applications in various sectors, such as the building, automobile, clothing, footwear and shipbuilding industries.

In the pursuit of perfect service, in 2011 the company took over Tonoli Srl, which had been a leader in the international distributor of copper tubes and pipes for refrigeration, air conditioning, and medical gas systems. Just a year later, in 2012, the Feinrohren Group acquired Sogetub, a leading French company in the distribution of capillary tubes and pipes for refrigeration, air conditioning, plumbing and heating systems, with a wide range of accessories for these three sectors. The internationalisation of the Feinrohren Group continued with the creation of PTubes in 2014, a manufacturer and distributor based in the USA.

Investment and

To complete the range of products with an external diameter greater than 5 mm and meet the requirements of multinational household appliance groups, in 1990 Feinrohren decided to implement a new production plant at the Passirano industrial site. This facility uses the best production technologies to manufacture copper tubes, capitalising on experience acquired over decades in the sector.

After just ten years Feinrohren Passirano had become a European benchmark in terms of productivity for an individual facility.

Thanks to financial stability and the company's commitment to cutting-edge technology, in 2010 Feinrohren implemented a new cast and roll plant. In addition to making Feinrohren the most technologically-advanced European company in its sector, this major investment enabled the group to verticalize its production. In 2013 Feinrohren invested in the green economy as part of eco-sustainable development, and installed a 1000 kWh photovoltaic system.


Anyone should be able
to choose Feinrohren

This is the spirit that drives Feinrohren, the target to be achieved.
Anyone using copper tubes should be able to choose Feinrohren - wherever they are in the world or whichever market is involved, Feinrohren wants to be there.
As a result, our daily commitment is to distribute Feinrohren Group products in every country throughout the world.


Always striving to be
highly efficient and flexible

Feinrohren's focus is customer satisfaction.
The company mission at Feinrohren is the daily pursuit of top-quality customer service.
Endeavouring to be the quickest is in Feinrohren's DNA.