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Feingroove is a copper tube with internal grooves and is ideal for manufacturing heat exchangers and air conditioners.
In addition to being manufactured in accordance with standards EN 12735-2 and EN 12449, Feingroove tubes are produced with the innovative Feinrohren SGFS system, ensuring that residue values are almost ZERO, grain size is constant along the entire length of the coils, and the product is perfectly workable.
Feingroove copper tubes are compatible with refrigerant fluids (such as R134a, R600 and R410) and lubricants (such as ESTER-OIL), maintaining compatibility with previous generation oils and fluids. They are available as level wound coil (LWC), with or without a cardboard reel and with coil weights up to 250 kg.


Standard: EN 12735-2, EN 12449 and customer specifications.

Format: Cu-DHP copper tube with internal grooved surface in LWC.

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